Picking the Most Appropriate Foreclosure Homes for Sale

Many have jumped into the bandwagon of foreclosure homes for sale. This is because the opportunities are really good and the chance to spot a good property is abundant. There are several types of foreclosures in the market today. Each kind possess their own charm that can appeal to different types of buyers.

Here are some of the more popular forms of foreclosures:


Pre-foreclosure homes for sale are offered either by the financing company holding the unpaid mortgage or the home owner themselves. At this point the home has not yet been foreclosed upon. Usually the home owners decide to sell the property off to prevent foreclosure and save their credit reputation. Buyers of foreclosure homes for sale in this manner may be able to conduct a thorough inspection of the home before committing to purchase. There may also be a wider berth for negotiations as the owner is fighting against a deadline.

Auction Sales

Right after a property has been foreclosed on it usually goes to the auction block and offered to the public. As any auction goes, bidders attempt to best each other in a bidding process. Auctions are cash sales so buyers planning to purchase a home in this manner should be prepared to pay for the entire amount of the property in a very short time. Homes sold at auctions may fetch the lowest price but buyers do not have the luxury of inspecting the home.

REO Homes

Homes that do not sell at auctions revert to the holder of the mortgage and become real estate owned homes. A lot of people find this manner of buying foreclosure homes for sale to their liking. It is probably because of the feeling of security that comes from dealing with a bank or an established financial institution. The price of the home may not be as low as a pre-foreclosure or an auction home but banks do offer perks to stimulate purchase. Once the home becomes a real estate owned the mortgage is extinguished and it comes to the market just like a brand new property. Banks likewise offer title insurance and pest certification in the package.

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